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Years of Experience

I'm from Gaziantep which is the most popular city with its cuisine in Turkey. When I was growing up, I learnt middle eastern, Arabic, Armenian, Kurdish and Jewish cuisine. I know dozens of recipes and some of them had been forgotten.Those days there weren't industrial foods, so we have done our foods as handmade. So I know the food process as well, even making flour from wheat.I got married when I was 18 years old and my husband had a restaurant in the capital of Turkey, Ankara.

I couldn't work as an employee in the restaurant because I had 3 babies, but I always helped him to create new menus, wrote recipes, check thetastes. We usually used to prepare new menus at home and then we used to add them to the restaurant menu. So I have 15 years of restaurant management experience as well.I have 30 years of experience in cooking. Gaziantep kitchen is very rich on vegan and vegetarian foods too. Vegan culture is developing very fast nowadays. So I would like to use my healthy Vegan recipes in my new business.